Impacted and Missing Teeth

Impacted teeth are those that cannot erupt into the mouth due to improper positioning of the developing tooth bud. This can happen due to early loss of primary teeth, crowded teeth, or genetic factors. Wisdom teeth are the most commonly impacted teeth, but others can suffer from this condition as well.

It is vital that impacted teeth be treated, and if possible, treatment delivered that can prevent impaction in the first place. This is because impacted teeth can cause problems such as :

  • Damage to the root structure of adjacent teeth.
  • Interfere with the function and integrity of the sinus cavity.
  • Gaps in the teeth.
  • Improper tooth function.
  • Premature wearing of the teeth.
  • Asymmetrical alignment.

Impacted teeth can be corrected through orthodontic treatment in a few ways. If x-rays catch the issue early on, braces can be used to create space for the tooth to erupt correctly. Another option is to slowly expose the impacted tooth over several months and then bring it into the correct position using appliances or surgery.

Missing teeth are also a concern. This can occur when a tooth is lost due to trauma or decay or because the tooth never developed to begin with.

As with impacted teeth, missing teeth must be dealt with. If they are not, they can cause problems such as :

  • Poor alignment.
  • Shifting teeth.
  • Improper tooth function.
  • Premature wearing of the teeth.
  • Poor aesthetics.

Missing teeth can be addressed through orthodontic treatment by closing the space with braces or opening it to allow for tooth replacement.

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