Your First Orthodontist Visit

Every journey starts with the first step, and when it comes to a healthier and more attractive smile, that first step is your initial visit to our office.

This visit is all about getting to know each other. You will learn about our office and the team, and we will learn about what you want and need from your treatment. To help things go as smooth and quickly as possible, we ask you to provide us with the following before your visit :

  • Any x-rays applicable to treatment.
  • Completed insurance forms.
  • Patient registration forms, either submitted online or printed.
  • Notification of any medical condition that might be a concern, such as diabetes, artificial joints, etc.

By the end of your first visit, you will know if treatment is needed, and if so, what options are viable in your case. We will also be able to tell you how much treatment will cost and go over your payment options.

If treatment is indicated and you are ready to keep moving forward, we can also schedule you for your next appointment at this time.

Other Types of Appointments

Beyond the initial appointment, there are four other types of appointments you will need :

  • Diagnostic appointments.
  • Appliance placement appointments.
  • Checkup and adjustment appointments.
  • Appliance removal appointments.

Most of these you will only need once throughout your treatment, with checkup and adjustment appointments being the exception. These visits will occur about every four to eight weeks throughout treatment, and then every so many months once you enter the retention phase. Treatment should last somewhere between six months and three years, depending on the severity of the condition being treated and the age of the patient.

Dental Care

Orthodontists and dentists do different types of work, but they complement each other. Before any orthodontic treatment begins, you need your dentist to ensure you have no cavities and your gums and bones are healthy. Throughout treatment, you will see your dentist on your normal schedule of every six months. Remember: healthy teeth need treatment from both dentists and orthodontists.


You can schedule your appointments in person or by phone and we welcome you scheduling far in advance to ensure treatment fits your schedule. If you are ever unable to make a scheduled appointment, please call the office. We can then give your original appointment to another patient and reschedule the appointment you must miss.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our office.