When correcting tooth positioning, we use a variety of appliances. Some of these are removable, while others are fixed in place until treatment is complete.

Removeable appliances are generally used in older patients who can be responsible with their use or as part of the retention phase. Invisalign is an example of a removeable appliance, as are some types of retainers. These appliances require extra care and come with the risk of losing them. However, they are convenient.

Fixed appliances are held to the teeth with a special type of cement, remaining in place for as long as needed. Most types of braces fall into this category, save for Invisalign—which isn’t exactly braces, but does the same thing. Some types of retainers are also fixed in place. These appliances require some lifestyle adjustments, but since they cannot be lost, they work for patients who can be forgetful or who are younger.

To learn more about the types of appliances we use during treatment, schedule a consultation.